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We are just getting started so if you have an idea of what you would like to see here, please drop us a line at:
-or- Phone: (855)415-RBSe(7273)
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    Energy Coop Exchange Network Explained:

    Our Energy Coop uses "Chitty" ( Using a new cryptocurrency called LiteCoin, the new replacement is the predecessor to Bitcoin for new and more secure transactions in the markets heretofore... ) as our name for Energy Tokens that you can create, collect, exchange, sell, buy, or give away "Chitty" to whomever you like in the network, or out of the network as well, and also using PayPal...

    British Slang


    A short official note, typically recording a sum owed.
    ‘write out a chit for whatever you take from the drinks cupboard’

    Late 18th century: Anglo-Indian, from Hindi citthi ‘note, pass’.


    a small note, such as a pass or voucher slip; a chit.
    a voucher for a sum of money owed, esp. for food or drink
    (Also called) chitty (Chiefly Brit)
    a note or memorandum
    a requisition or receipt

    (C18: from earlier chitty, from Hindi cittha note, from Sanskrit citra brightly-coloured)

    You create Chitty when you create Energy and that is recorded in your Chitty Account based on your power usage and generation. Chitty is recorded and distributed, under your direction, however you see fit, and can even be converted into cash...

    You can start out small and simple and then grow as you become more involved in your Energy usage and generation. The ways you can do this are unlimited, as far as you want to take it. From changing your habits, to making profit on your Energy Generation...

    Currently, this system is still being tested for release in the near future and more information and an announcement will let you know, and even a personal invitation if you correspond via email...

    Stay tuned, Coming Soon...

  • Annual MEMBERSHIP Fee: $19.97

    Fully Customized Services for your every want and need...

  • Energy Products for sale...
  • Energy Coop Exchange Network...
  • Tips & Tricks to Save & Make Energy...
  • Complete Services from Concept to Completion...
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We Are Just Getting Started, stay tuned...


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